A walk to the Causses and the Cévennes (english comments)

A tour from here to Florac where Martine was born some times ago. This is a try to explain why we love gardens with some natural and savage aspect. Of course, any gardener knows that this aspect in a garden is the result of years of work !
Travel On the road, the biggest Platanus vulgaris I ever saw ! very nice, and now so rare
Travel On the way : french village : stone houses grouped around the church
Causse Méjean We are entering the Causses ; those are some calcareous tablelands, poor and windy, nice for sheep... or gliders
Causse Méjean
Mont Lozère old shepherd house, stones and wild flowers
Mont Lozère
Montains (Cévennes) From Causse Méjean, a view of the other side of the Tarn valley : the Cevennes mountains and here L'Esquino d'Ase (the donkey chine)
Montains (Cévennes)
La corniche des Cévennes Very tipical : a little grass land between rocks.
La corniche des Cévennes
La corniche des Cévennes
La corniche des Cévennes
La corniche des Cévennes Far away, a field of wheat, in the only place where there is some soil !
La corniche des Cévennes
Fire in 2003, a big fire destroyed some square kilometers of the pine forest. Here all skeletons have been cut and destroyed.
Arrivée à Florac Arriving to Florac
Arrivée à Florac
Rocks All those rocks are from the big wall that suddenly drops down from the Causse to the Tarn valley.