Bus incoming
Bus incoming
Walk. The bus is too big to enter the private way leading to our farm. This path is nice : at( the very beginning, you don't' see the farm nor the garden... surprise,...
In the garden A short explanation of the history of our garden : 30 years ago, there was nothing.
In the garden
Roaming And visit starting. Grey wether, rather cold, north wind. The garden itself is protected against the wind, of course, temperature is 15°, not much for mid-May.
Afternoon tea cakes, tea, coffee, we need something hot.
Afternoon tea
Hello kitty No cake for cats, that's unfair says Musquat.
Hello kitty
Final applauses Thank you, thank you. I hope everyone enjoyed the visit as we did.
Final applauses
departure Bye bye, see you next year with pleasure.

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